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Getting to Global:
Managing Inventory in a Unified Commerce World

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Point of Views
» Getting to Global
» Building a Plan for Omnichannel
» Advancing Retail Through Sustainable Learning
» Resurrecting Retail-Part One
» Resurrecting Retail-Part Two
» Plan to Succeed
» Future-Proofing Retail
» Benefits of BOPIS
» Change Leadership
» Project Staffing
» Promotional Pricing
» Promotional Forecasting
» Enhancing mCommerce Capabilities
   and Customer Experience

» Retail Legacy Systems
» Change in the E-Suite
» Brand Connectivity
» Omnichannel Inventory Accuracy
» Software Selection
» The New Customer Experience
» Retail Clustering Methods
» Writing Business Requirements
» Out-of-the-Box PLM
» The Experience Manager
» Inventory Accuracy
» The State of Retail ERP
» Store Labor and Role Transformation
» Ethical Fashion
» PLM Mobility
» Omnichannel Fulfillment
» The Role of the Store
» Data Visibility and Analytics
» Omnichannel Inventory Optimization
» Retail Solution Implementations
» Social Clienteling
» The Science of eCommerce
» Project Management
» Defining Change
» The Customer Experience
» Customer Satisfaction vs. Store Sales
» The Layaway Challenge
» Omnichannel Pricing Approaches
» Total Cost to Serve
» Business Excellence Teams
» International Expansion
» The New Rules of Retail
» Change Management Communication
» Fashion vs. Basic Assortment Planning
» Linking Product Development to the Customer
» Group Buying
» Mobile Retail
» Store Operations
» Retail Portfolio Management
» Merchandising Strategy
» Sales vs.Space
» Inventory Planning Methods
» Setting Up Payment Terms for Global Trade
» Bringing Planning, Allocation & Replenishment Together
» Assortment Planning, Line Reviews and Risk

Case Studies
» Merchandising Capability Assessment and Roadmap
» Specialty Retailer Merchandise Financial Planning System Implementation
» Omni Assortment Planning and Item Planning (APIP) Implementation
» Redesigned Procurement Process and Organization
» Merchandise Planning Capabilities Design and Roadmap
» Implementing Buy Online Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) Capabilities
» Global Organizational Change Management (OCM)
» Regular Price Optimization and Competitor Price Management System Selection
» Merchandising Business Process Transformation
» Multi-Banner Process and System Harmonization
» Core Merchandising and Finance System Implementation
» Global Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) Implementation
» Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Implementation
» Core Merchandising and Finance Solution Selection
» Omnichannel MFP System Implementation
» PLM Solution Assessment and Selection
» Core Support Systems Package Selection
» Distribution Center Integration Design, Requirements & Roadmap
» Pricing and Promotions Capabilities Roadmap Development
» Field & Field Support Organization Design
» Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP) System Selection
» Operational Strategy Business Plan
» International Retail Transformation and Expansion
» Merchandising System Implementation
» Item Master Assessment and Implementation
» Quality Assurance and Risk Audit
» PLM Solution Selection and Implementation
» Integrated Supply Chain Implementation
» Legacy System Replacement Assessment
» Price Optimization Solution Implementation
» Retail Inventory Efficiency Roadmap
» Capability Identification and Technology Roadmap
» PLM System Implementation
» Pricing Capabilities Assessment and Roadmap
» Store Operations Efficiency Assessment
» Store Number Expansion
» Store Operations Improvements and Organizational Alignment
» Business Plan Development
» Merchandising Training Program
» Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) System Selection
» Order Management System Design
» Integrated Planning Strategy and Package Selection
» Comparable Store Sales Improvement Initiative
» Order Management System Selection and Strategy
» Promotional Capabilities Assessment
» PLM System Evaluation and Selection
» Training Design, Development & Delivery
» Change Management Program
» PLM System Vendor Evaluation
» Price Optimization System Selection
» Fulfillment Optimization
» Change Management Stakeholder Analysis
» Organizational Design Training Delivery
» Store Operations Process Assessment
» Pre-Production and WIP Tracking
» Training Development
» User Acceptance Testing
» Assortment Planning
» Sourcing Application Implementation
» Software Strategy and Selection
» Organizational Model Transformation
» Systems Implementation Roadmap
» Store Inventory Management Assessment
» Markdown Strategy
» Supply Chain Systems Assessment
» Retail Pricing Initiative
» Sourcing Strategy
» PLM System Design and Implementation
» Strategy, Process Design, Roadmap and Technology Selection
» Merchandise Planning Implementation
» Supply Chain Strategy
» Commodities Strategy and Management
» Inventory Service Levels and Exceptions
» Multi-Channel Planning Strategy and Process
» Integrated Merchandise Planning
» Merchandising Transformation
» Optimizing the Private Label Process

» Unraveling the Mysteries of Assortment Planning
» New Roles for Retail - Managing Store Labor in a Changing World
» Channel Integration in the Store
» The Big Deal About Big Data
» International Retailing Study
» Retail Merchandising and Marketing Alignment Study
» Synchronizing Marketing and IT in the Era of Omni-Channel Retailing
» Cross-Channel Tech Trends Study
» Getting Back to Good Pricing
» PLM is Key to Transparency

» The Price is Right: Strategies for Omnichannel Pricing
» Out of the Box Implementation - Proceed with Caution
» Change Management
» Linking Product Development to the Customer
» Group Buying
» Mobile Retail
» Replenishment Process Tune-Up
» Approaches to SKU Rationalization
» Merchandising Innovation
» Planning, Allocation and Replenishment Innovation