Robert Kaufman, CEO
Robert has spent the last 20+ years leading clients through design and implementation of key supply chain processes & system initiatives. He is a skilled project manager who specializes in product lifecycle management, sourcing, inventory management and logistics.
Clay Parnell, President and Managing Partner
Clay has 25+ years experience in the retail industry, both as a consultant and retailer. He has led major transformations, developing strategy & processes, selecting & deploying systems and organizational change. He specializes in merchandising, including item / foundation data, buying, planning, allocation, replenishment and inventory management.
Josh Pollack
Josh has 20+ years experience in the retail industry in the areas replenishment, allocation, price optimization, strategic planning & merchandising. He specializes in leading clients through strategy development, process design, organizational design, package selection and software implementations.
Sonia Hernandez
Sonia has over 20+ years experience leading retailers through design and implementation of key merchandising processes and system initiatives. She is a skilled project leader who specializes in merchandise planning, allocation, replenishment, and pricing/promotion.
Anne Haertle
Anne offers 20+ years of experience in retail planning, merchandising, consulting and technology. She specializes in process and strategy work for multi-channel retailers.
Courtney Albert
Courtney has 15+ years of retail consulting and marketing experience with retailers and apparel brands. She specializes in brand development and management, business process design & improvement, change management, training and new media strategies.
David Birdsall
David has 20+ years experience in the retail industry leading clients through process design and software implementations. He specializes in project management, business process improvement, system design and implementations.
Rob Oglesby
Rob has 20+ years of retail and consumer products experience, both as a consultant and in operations for two of the largest retailers in the world. He specializes in the retail supply chain, with a focus on in-store operations.
Samantha Sorrells,
Operations and Finance Manager
Samantha offers 10+ years of retail industry and professional experience managing firms and overseeing operations.

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